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Sunset at Harlaw Monument

This day in 1411 saw the Battle of Harlaw, near Inverurie.

The battle was fought between the Crown forces under the Earl of Mar and a Highland army led by Donald, Lord of the Isles. Heavy casualties were inflicted on both sides but victory went to the Royal forces as the Highlanders withdrew. The city of Aberdeen suffered heavy losses with the death of Provost Robert Davidson and many of the City Burgesses fighting on the Crown side. Get more details of the battle here from Wiki

"He’s a Commander of the British Empire and has already won three Bafta awards. From 2009 to 2012, he was president of the Royal Geographical Society. And he’s the only man I know to have not just one but two railway engines named after him. For the past 50 years, he’s been the best friend I could ever have hoped to have. Despite the rumors, he really is the world’s nicest man. Except if he’s getting hungry."

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esiste Ascoli Piceno? Ricordo di averla visitata in una esistenza che, per molti indizi, dovrei considerare precedente; quello che non ho potuto stabilire è se Ascoli Piceno esiste ora… nessun ricordo dà la certezza che qualcosa sia veramente accaduto…
Giorgio Manganelli, La favola pitagorica (via elegialane)
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